Unitarian Universalism 101

Drum roll please……. for the unveiling of “Unitarian Universalism 101″

 To Visitors,

who would like to know more about our beloved faith,

please check out  https://2uomaha.org/about-unitarian-universalism

as it was designed specifically with you in mind. There are 7 short videos with a total length of 37 minutes & a couple of readings. If you would like to discuss this further, we invite you to call 402-334-0537.

To Members,

As we wave good-bye to 2020 and very much look forward to 2021, this is a time for

reflection. UU 101 reminds us who we are & what we believe in. On the 6th video, see if you can find Joan Benzinger who passed. She is soon after the 1:25 mark.

We hope you find it as inspiring as we did.


Membership Committee

Kathy Bell, Lorraine Duggin, Anita Jeck & JoAnne Draper