Important ReVision Update!

ReVision? Few may be aware that a small group of Second Unitarian members, the ‘ReVision Team,’ have been meeting regularly for the past few months to reimagine faith formation in our church. Why? Well, because across the nation, Unitarian Universalists are coming to realize the traditional Sunday school model just doesn’t work anymore. In fact, it never really did.

Unitarian Universalists have the very lowest rate among any denomination of retaining our young. Only 12% of those raised as Unitarian Universalists remain UU as adults. Why is that? And how can we revision faith formation to make a difference? That is what we have been diligently researching and discussing, along with our director of religious education, Ashleigh Fuson. Other members include Pam Miller-Jenkins, Janet Nichols, Pete Miller, Jaime Short, and Anita Jeck. We decided we need to keep the congregation apprised of our discussions, so plan to report to you monthly on our progress.

Each month we’ll share more of what our team is learning and discussing about the future of faith formation. If you have any questions or thoughts to share, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our ReVision team members.

~ Anita Jeck