Greetings From the Board

These were among the matters the Board addressed in October:
  • The Board was updated on the Targeted Minister search. As of 10/31/20, one candidate has been interviewed.
  • The Board will reach out to the Social Justice Committee to see if the committee would like to make a request to make use of Minister’s Discretionary Fund for areas of heightened need due to the pandemic.
  • Members of Buildings & Grounds will be asked to make a prioritized list of the most urgent building needs/repairs, then the Board will work with the FCC on figuring out how to pay for the items on the list.
  • The Board liaison to the Committee Leadership Council will go back to the council to discuss the details of how to compile the annual reports.
  • The Board discussed how the small group discussions/participation were going with the congregation (as of 10/21/20; all small group discussions are now concluded.) Follow up meetings to plan the next steps of the process will be scheduled after all the meetings are transcribed.
  • A job description for the Technology position is being developed. Board Chair Sue Aschinger has recommendations for Personnel Committee members. Anyone interested in being on that committee is encouraged to contact Sue or Jaime.
  • The Board is working on developing a new Board Covenant for this church year. This is a process that occurs every year with the transition of Board members.
  • The Board approved, via email, to allow Donna Zebolsky, our former music director, a one-time use of the building free of charge.
The Board’s next meeting is November 18 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. Any member of the church who is interested in attending a Board meeting should contact one of the members of the Board to receive an emailed Zoom meeting link. This year’s Board is: Sue Aschinger (Chairperson), Ed Bok (Vice Chairperson), Pam Curtiss-Smith, Dorothy Danielson, Pam Miller-Jenkins (Secretary) and Tom Peterson.