A message from the Board of Trustees

Dear Beloved Community,

The start of April is a challenging time in the life of Second Unitarian Church. Our doors have been closed for gatherings since Friday the 13th of March, and will remain so at least through May 11th, as per the statewide Directed Health Measure. We expect that this closure likely will be extended beyond that date, into the Fall or even beyond. We will keep you advised as we learn more.

The members of the Board of Trustees are working hard to plan for all possibilities – we are holding online work sessions to think about all the issues facing us: money, budget, staffing, and are striving to see the best way forward. There may be rapid changes ahead, changes that will require flexibility and adaptability from congregants, our staff, and the Board. Look for more communications to come soon on these issues.

It’s important to remember that it is you – the members and affiliates of Second Unitarian – who truly are the church. Our building is just a meeting place – one that is beloved to us – but it is just a building. We, the people – our relationships, our connections, our solidarity and support – that’s what the church is.

Because our building closure required by social distancing will last longer than many might have thought, and given that we together ARE the church – it is crucial that we all take the leap into the Zoom “universe.” This is the only way that we can see one another, and speak to and hear each other in real time.

Instructions and support for making this leap have been given in previous all-church emails, in our weekly e-newsletters, and on the Facebook page “2U Omaha Forum.” Please review or read those resources. Members of the Board and some other helpers will be calling each person in the congregation in the coming few weeks to assess what you know about our online offerings and what your understanding is of the basic technology required.

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas, as well as your participation as we move through this challenging time of mystery and change.

Take courage, friends. Just because we’re not together, we are not alone.

Tom Peterson, Chair, Board of Trustees Second Unitarian Church of Omaha

Reverend Cyndi Simpson, Minister