May and June Share the Plate: Flood Relief 2019

Our Share the Plate partner for May and June is for Nebraska Flood Relief.

This is a non traditional request for Share the Plate. It is the desire of Social Justice and church leadership to provide financial support for Nebraska communities impacted by the 2019 flooding. Sierra Club has researched and recommended funding for three organizations that will serve farm communities, immigrant communities, and those in the Platte River basin.

  1. Farm Aid created the Family Farm Disaster Fund to help farm families recover from weather-related disasters. Few businesses are as vulnerable to natural disasters as farms, where the loss of crops and livestock can also mean the loss of income for farm families for the year. Weather disasters can also damage houses, buildings and equipment that impact farms for years to come and deepen debt burdens for farm families. Additionally, the emotional toll of disasters often hit hardest after the immediate response period has ended, when farmers least expect it.
  2. Grand Island Multicultural Coalition is a nonprofit organization on a mission to build human capital by empowering individuals to overcome barriers to basic needs, embracing cultures of newcomer and long-term populations, and strengthening community conditions with clients and community members who are equipped to engage meaningfully with one another.
  3. At Rebuilding Together, they work hard every day to keep their most vulnerable citizens safe and healthy in their homes. Their clients must both own and reside in the home for which they are seeking assistance, and must commit to remain in their home. All clients must meet Rebuilding’s income guidelines and provide the appropriate documentation. Currently, they serve resident homeowners in Dodge and Cuming Counties in Nebraska.

Together, these three organizations are serving flood victims throughout the state of Nebraska.

Please give generously to May and June’s Share the Plate offering to support Flood Relief and our church. You do not need to wait until Sunday to donate to the Flood Relief efforts! Text your donation to 402-809-4928. It’s easy! Type the dollar amount. (No dollar sign or decimals.) Type stp after the number. Hit send. You will receive a link with a few simple instructions to complete your transaction. Example: Do you want to donate $5 to Share the Plate? Enter: 5 stp

from the Social Justice Committee