Support a local family

Second Unitarian has chosen to adopt an immigrant family who recently moved to Omaha. The family is receiving financial support from another entity, is having its care coordinated by the Omaha Area Sanctuary Network (OASN) – of which some of our congregants are steering committee members – and 2U has chosen to collaborate and Side with Love to assist with a bi-weekly grocery run.

The family has communicated what they use on a regular basis and a Signup Genius sheet has been created for ease of use. We are hoping that every family takes this opportunity to share our UU values and make a difference in the lives of this family by signing up to help with groceries. The list of what they need can be found on the Signup Genius form. They live very near our church. Groceries can be dropped off at the church and a few members of the SJ committee will be in charge of the delivery.

The Social Justice committee plans on hosting a lunch after church sometime in the near future where the family can come join us for a meal.

For the safety of the family the details of their situation is not being printed, but if you’d like more of “their story,” please contact Monica Meier. Any other questions regarding OASN’s involvement can be answered by Monica or Cheri.

~ Monica Meier, Kael Sagheer, and Cheri Cody