OTOC house meetings Aug 14 through Sept 12

Each year Omaha Together One Community (OTOC) encourages member congregations to hold house meetings to learn about the challenges that families and individuals are facing in their lives.

How have house meetings helped Omaha families?

Some of the issues that OTOC successfully addressed after previous house-meeting feedback include:

  • Shutting down the coal power plant in Omaha after hearing about children’s asthma rates;
  • Inclusion in City Council budget for more rental housing inspectors;
  • Meetings with Omaha Police and County Jail administrator around former practices concerning undocumented immigrants and traffic stops;
  • Ongoing work to expand Medicaid.

How do house meetings work?

House meetings are a way to meet others in the congregation in a small group setting of 8-10 people. Some house meetings will be held in members’ homes and some will be held at church; they last about an hour and are facilitated by trained leaders. House meetings are also an opportunity to connect people in the community and break through some of the isolation that exists in society; a chance to identify some new talent in the congregation and community; a process of identifying the potential issues to build the organization. A house meeting is not: a social visit, a coffee or tea, an open-ended complaint session, a lecture session, or a problem-solving session.

How can I sign up?

When you see members of the Social Justice Committee offering sign-up opportunities during Sunday coffee hour, please choose a time that works for you.