Imbolc service

Please join Reverend Cyndi Simpson and the Caring Committee on Thursday, February 1st at 7 p.m. for an Imbolc worship service. Imbolc is one of the eight main Pagan Holy Days and begins at sunset on January 31st and ends at sunset on February 1st. It was taken into the European Christian liturgical calendar as Candlemas and is a celebration of the New Year, the return of the Light and of the very beginning of Spring. It is also about preparing ourselves spiritually for the upcoming year. This ritual will be an opportunity to express and release ongoing grief and loss that may have been especially strong during the recent holiday season. If you attend this service, be prepared to participate. With Pagan ritual, there is no just “sitting and watching.” This is because Pagan ritual is dynamic and energy-oriented. Stuff happens according to the intentions of the worship leader. (This does not necessarily mean sharing during sharing times, but participating with all ritual elements, including Casting the Circle, Self-Blessing and Raising Energy.)

~ Cyndi Simpson