Chalice Lighters Ignite Dreams

It’s time to heed the Chalice Lighters’ 2018 Winter Call. The Chalice Lighters program supports UU congregations throughout the MidAmerica Region which want to actively increase their membership. Chalice Lighters are individuals who commit to donating a specific amount of money three times a year to support a worthwhile congregational project.

Any congregation in the MidAmerica Region that has well-thought-out plans for growth is eligible to apply for a Chalice Lighter grant. Congregations submit an application for a Chalice Lighter award for projects that cannot be funded through their operating budget or capital campaigns. The project must be in one of the following categories:

  1. Enlarging or improving their building space or buying property;
  2. Increasing professional staff;
  3. Implementing publicity or public outreach programs

To find out more about the Chalice Lighter program, or to donate to the Winter 2018 campaign, click here.