We are looking for a few good UUs to help out.

If you are a parent or interested in helping our children and youth out in the lower level one or two Sundays a month, please let Molly Kliment-Jenkins, our Director of Religious Education, know! Also, if you have an older teen who may be interested in helping out in the spirit play or intermediate (formerly elementary) class once or twice a month, I would so appreciate it! It’s a great way for them to connect on a different level to their faith.

Training for classroom leaders/facilitators is on Saturday, September 3rd (9am for youth and intermediate, 10am for Spirit Play/Montessori). If you cannot make it, I will need to meet with you prior to that to fill out the necessary paperwork (Code of Ethics and sex offender forms), review safety (like where stuff is at) and introduce you to the curriculum.