August Share the Plate: Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance

One half of 2U’s offering collected in August will go to the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (IMA). IMA is dedicated to improving the lives of Omahans and, more specifically, minority populations especially in north Omaha. This coalition of ministers and churches works collaboratively to address issues related to civil rights, employment, education, safety, and voter participation. More recently, the IMA in the words of Rev. Tony Sanders, has worked “to advance the cause of Black Lives Matter.” To that end, we have partnered and sponsored efforts that uphold the message of BLM. As we have now taken the momentum from the rallies, to host town hall meetings, round table discussion and reconciliation efforts to unite, we are looking to host follow-up Black Lives Matter and Our Lives Matter Rallies. We have met with the police chief, sponsored meals to feed the men and women in blue and are working hand in hand with law enforcement to bridge the gap and facilitate healthy dialogue between the department and the black community.”