The Practice of Mindfulness

Join us for a public talk on the Practice of Mindfulness in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, presented by  Brother Chu Chan Huy, Tuesday, April 15, 7:30 p.m., in the Second Unitarian Church sanctuary.

The practice of mindfulness helps us develop our capacity to dwell happily in the present moment and to find peace within ourselves. This practice is meant to help us weave mindfulness into all of life’s daily activities. This enables us to be present throughout the day – while eating, walking, working, or enjoying a cup of tea. As a community, we support each other in the practice of mindfulness, learning new ways to relate to our rapidly changing world, to realize harmony and reconciliation within our own families and to cultivate peace within.

Chan Huy comes from a family with four generations of Thích Nhât Hanh’s students, from his grandmother to his two children. He leads mindfulness retreats throughout North America. Chan Huy was born in France from Vietnamese parents (1950),  grew up in Vietnam (1955-1968),  and immigrated to Canada  at age 18.  He now lives in Ottawa, Canada. His clear, pragmatic teaching style easily helps us to understand and deeply touch the practice of mindfulness. His warm and engaging manner emanates joy for the practice. His name, translated as “True Radiance,” captures his essence. Chan Huy is among the most accomplished and articulate of Thích Nhât Hanh’s Dharma teachers.  Visit Brother Chan Huy’s mindfulness coaching website at