Social Justice Reimagining

You are invited to help reimagine Social Justice on Saturday, June 14, starting with a potluck supper at 5:30 p.m. at church.

We will focus on reinventing and reimagining Social Justice at Second Unitarian Church. (This meeting replaces the Social Justice Coordinating Council meeting for June 5, which has been cancelled.)

Many of us participated in the Social Justice Summit on January 18 and indicated interest in an array of Social Justice issues. Many visitors and new members say that they came to Second Unitarian because of our commitment to justice work. What can we do to make sure what they find is relevant and effective? In a world that needs us now, what can we do to deepen and broaden the acts of justice-making both within our congregation and in the larger community?

Bring your experience and interests and join with others committed to justice for a potluck and structured discussion to set a focus and outreach mission for Second Unitarian. If you have questions, please contact Cheri Cody, Pat Caffrey, Carol Johnson, or Vicki Pratt.