Religious Education Needs These Items!

Religious Education is looking for some pretty specific items… If you have any of these things that you’d like to clean out of your house, we’d be glad to take them off your hands! It would also mean more if an item had your touch, your interaction with, rather than an purchase from me. Some are “wish-list” items, others are needed to tell the stories. Here’s a list of things we are looking for:

  • Buddha figure​ – his fitness level doesn’t matter – I’ll take the ascetic or well fed one!
  • Elephant figure
  • ​Small plain wooden cross
  • ​Scrapbooking supplies​
  • Mini bible or dollhouse books to be made into other religious texts
  • ​Mbira (small musical instrument)
  • Yarmulke​
  • ​Prayer beads​ (ie, rosary – Buddhist, catholic, etc)
  • Spiritual or religious trinkets​ from various faiths​ (charm of Star of David, evil eye, yin-yang, planet, om, etc)
  • ​Chess pieces​ – if you have a chess set that’s missing pieces, that would be perfect!
  • ​Small dustpan and crumber​
  • Nontoxic metal polish
  • ​Small wash tub​
  • ​Nativity with a shepherd, sheep, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and a second shepherd or simple wise man (to be remade into an adult Jesus). If you are missing some figures, I’ll certainly take the rest! I can repaint/use them elsewhere. Imagine. A wise man transforming into a sufi mystic! (​A manger would also be nice.)

Do you have a collection of lapel pins, unused bumper stickers, pencils, or various promotional materials from social causes? Would you like to donate them to the congregation while cleaning out your home? We are looking for items that embrace a wide variety of social causes. We would like to put them up on display in the RE space for the middle schoolers as a reminder of ways people have been involved in the past and (hopefully) how much has changed because of people’s action.

Thank you for anything you can contribute – we appreciate it!

Molly Kliment-Jenkins
Director of Religious Education