Needed for R.E. “Spirit Play”

As we get our classrooms ready for the fall, we are looking for some pretty specific items.  We would love donations from  members. Perhaps these are items your kids played with and they are ready to part with. If you have any of these things that you’d like to clean out of your house, we’d be glad to take them off your hands!  Please bring items to the DRE office on the lower level or contact Molly at or 402-334-0537 ext. 112.

It would also mean more if an item has your touch, your interaction with, rather than being purchased new. Some are “wish-list” items, others are needed to tell the stories.

Here’s a list of things we are looking for:

  • Finger labyrinth
  • Zen sand garden
  • ​Small Buddha figure​
  • ​Small plain wooden cross
  • ​Scrapbooking supplies​
  • Mini Bible or dollhouse books to be made into other religious texts
  • ​Small menorah
  • ​Yarmulke​
  • Small hamsa
  • ​Prayer beads​ (i.e., rosary)
  • Spiritual or religious trinkets​ from various faiths​ (charm of Star of David, evil eye, yin-yang, planet, om, etc)
  • Small castle (candleholder, birdhouse or decorative box?) (need two or more)
  • ​Mini churches – from Christmas displays?​
  • ​Bells (like the teacher ringing kind, or brass ones)​
  • Small pitcher (stoneware or glass)
  • Chess pieces​
  • ​Wooden blocks – perhaps from a kid’s wood block set for building things?​
  • ​Wood open boxes (like Melissa and Doug boxes from stamp sets, etc.)​
  • ​Broom with wooden handle (to be cut down) or a child sized broom
  • ​Small plant watering can
  • Child sized gardening tools
  • Child sized cleaning tools​​
  • ​Small dustpan and crumber​
  • ​Plastic placemats​
  • ​Soap dish
  • Nontoxic metal polish
  • Small washcloths​
  • ​Small wash tub​
  • ​Nativity with a shepherd, sheep, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and a second shepherd or simple wise man (to be remade into an adult Jesus). If you are missing some figures, we’ll certainly take them! We can repaint/use them elsewhere. ​
  • Clear glass​ plate​​, golden charger plate​,​ or smooth brass ​plate, ​7-​​9​” in diameter, fairly flat surface​ (to put stuff on top of).
  • misc.small plastic animals
  • lamps (floor and table)
  • a small couch and a side chair or two