To Form, not Forgo – a UU Lenten Spiritual Practice

1978857_10152200745151201_1361342154_nWhen I was growing up, my family never participated in Lent. In various years, I have found it good (though hard) to give up something during Lent as a way of noticing the excess in my life and being intentional about developing the spiritual practice of sacrifice. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything for Lent – but this year, I saw the following Facebook post from a friend (who’s working on this tumblr).

I love photography and am always frustrated that I take fewer pictures than I’d like. Sure, when I go to the zoo or gardens, I pick up my camera – but creating art feeds my soul in a way nothing else can.

So, I’ve decided to take up this spiritual practice for the next 47 days. At first, I felt resistant to speak up and say I’d try this. Usually, spiritual practices (or resolutions or anything of the sort) last about 6 days for me. Life gets busy and “the best laid plans …”

Still, this speaks to me – so join me on this site as I strive to keep up with the practice (and even if I don’t make it each day, I hope to continue finding and making art and connecting it to my spiritual life).

In faith,
Rev. Scott McNeill