“Finding Faith Today” Research Project

If you are interested in participating in the following Research Project, please contact Bryan Stone directly at bpstone@bu.edu or visit www.bu.edu/cpt/fft.

My name is Bryan Stone, and I am a professor, researcher, and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Boston University School of Theology. I am writing to ask for your help in an important national research project called “Finding Faith Today.”

We are conducting basic research on how people come to faith as adults in the United States. An initial study on this question was conducted on Christian populations in the United Kingdom over twenty years ago by Bishop John Finney, but surprisingly little research has been done since then. Our project is an expansion and follow-up of that study and our project also has a comparative interfaith component that will include those who have become adherents of all major religious traditions in the U.S. You can read more about the project at www.bu.edu/cpt/fft.

We would like to offer the survey to adults in your congregation (aged 18 and over) who have made a new declaration of faith within the last three years (since about January 1, 2011), even if that happens to be a “return” to faith from an earlier commitment in their lives. All responses will be kept completely anonymous and confidential. The online survey can also be taken in multiple languages, as persons directed to it will easily discover.

Following the research, a report (and likely a book) will be published.

Thanks very much for your time, and for considering this request.
Would you be able to help us in this way? Please place an X (or other information) in the appropriate boxes below.

[ ] Yes, I can help, and I will forward the link to the survey to those in my congregation who are eligible

[ ] Yes, I can help, but I will need hard copies sent to me (please describe how many and the languages needed)
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[ ] I know of no persons who would fall into this category and who would be eligible for the survey

[ ] I am unable to help at this time.

[ ] I would like to receive the results of the study when it is concluded.

Yours sincerely,

Bryan P. Stone
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism
Boston University School of Theology

p.s. Once again, the link to the project page and survey can be found at www.bu.edu/cpt/fft.