December Share the Plate: Minister’s Discretionary Fund

One half of Second Unitarian’s offering received on December will go to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund at the Second Unitarian Church of Omaha.

Started four years ago, the Minister’s Discretionary Fund is a way to assist people in need, offer scholarships and funding for education and development, and purchase unbudgeted items for the church’s needs. Historically, this fund has been used primarily to pay for electric bills, groceries, rent and medical needs for people connected to the congregation.

Did you know that you helped people struggling to buy food, get medications, and pay rent? In the fall of 2013, a family moved to the United States and was caught in the middle of our government shutdown. The support system that was set up for them had fallen through.  They were unable to get documents enabling them to work, start school, etc., due to the shutdown. They were able to make ends meet by different organizations pulling together to help them, and we were a part of this through the Discretionary Fund.

Some generous members of Second Unitarian Church have supported this Fund throughout the year by regular giving. In order to sustain the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, half of the offering received by Second Unitarian Church during December will be donated to the Fund.

To nominate an organization for our Share the Plate program, visit the church website or contact the Social Justice Coordinating Council or Rev. Scott.