Retirees’ Group October 8

Please join us for Retirees’ Group Tuesday, October 8, from 1 – 2 p.m. for a presentation from Christine Cady about Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a proven intervention that prevents falling among older adults.  It has been shown to reduce the risk to seniors of falling by nearly 50%.  It can be done while seated or standing with or without support.  “Side effects” of Tai Chi can also include: social and mental well-being, improved daily physical functioning, increased self-confidence in performing daily activities, maintaining personal independence, quality of life and overall health.  This demonstration will give you a taste of a Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance class, talk about why Tai Chi movements are so beneficial, and allow you to participate in the movements.  You’ll leave feeling a bit better than you did when you came in!

You are also invited to the “Lunch and Learn” presentation on the Affordable Health Care Act the same date preceding Retirees’ Group at 11:45 a.m.  (please see the article above)