Holiday Giving

We want people to recognize that their gifts are not taken for granted and that we hope people will feel called to give in whatever way fits for their lives and circumstances.  As individuals and families, our finances can weigh heavy on us at any point – but especially when lots of requests are made.  Second Unitarian wants to encourage giving, as a way of offering tangible support to our ministry – but we also want people to be good stewards of their resources, financial and emotional.

During November and December, for many people money seems to leave our accounts as quickly (or faster) as it enters.   For some people, there are gifts to buy, food to make, travel to arrange (a small plug – I hope you’ll forgive me: If you are buying gifts and utilize, consider bookmarking and using this link as the church receives a percentage of every purchase made through this link as part of Amazon’s non-profit support.  It’s a way to support the church without spending extra!).

Then there are many requests for donations (especially if you want to get that last little bit in for tax deductions before the end of the year!).  We understand that people have various financial considerations, so we wanted to make sure people knew what we are asking for this season, and why.

Each month, we share our offering in an effort to create justice in the world (if you’d like to nominate a group – and we hope you will – please contact us using this webpage).  In November, our support is to Inclusive Communities, a program that strengthens relationships between people of different backgrounds in Omaha.

Also, usually each year around the holidays, we participate in a local “Adopt-a-Family” project where members bring in gifts or financial contributions to assist families struggling to make ends meet.  We will have gift requests toward the end of November/early December, if you’d like to participate.

In December, we will again have our Share the Plate program.  Our tradition has been to support the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, which helps support people in financial need, to offer learning opportunities for members, and other programs supporting the church.  If you are in need of assistance (or know someone who could use some help), we hope that you’ll remember that this is occasionally an option for help.

And of course, we encourage people to pay what they’re able to of their financial pledge to the church to ensure a regular cash flow.

We strive to balance our requests for giving so that people don’t feel overburdened.  We hope that our members and friends understand that our goal is not a permanent raising of funds, but that we have the money and resources we need to fulfill our mission.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated and helps turn our mission into a reality —  “Our Mission is to be Authentic, Compassionate, and Transformative in our lives, in our faith, and in the world.”

In gratitude for all that you give,

Rev. Scott