Rev. Cyndi Simpson

The Long Haul

Our worship theme this month is Perseverance. What helps us to keep going, especially when times are hard? What does it mean to persevere, especially when we fail? We will look to a particular spiritual practice for guidance!


What does it mean to be a people of blessing? Where and how do we find blessings in our life and what can they mean for us as Unitarian Universalists?

Flower Communion

Observing a longtime UU tradition, we will observe Flower Communion by bringing flowers to share with one another, while learning more about the amazing life of the Reverend Norbert Čapek who created it.

Honor Sunday

Today, we will be honoring and expressing our appreciation for our new members, our RE teachers and a new baby in our midst! These are ALL great blessings for our congregation and will be a wonderful lead-in to our Annual Meeting after worship!

Spring Hymn Sing

One of the most important aspects of worship is the music, when we listen and when we participate! Today we will sing favorite hymns and learn or re-visit some newer songs, while hearing a bit about music in worship and how it can transform us!


‘Prayer’ is a concept that can be challenging for UUs, especially in the context of worship. What is prayer? And perhaps more importantly, what does it mean to engage in ‘prayer’ together, in worship? As we pray together in this non-typical service, more good surprises are in store.

True Worship (pdf)

What is ‘worship’? When we worship, in what are we engaged and what happens to us? As a start to our monthly theme, Cyndi will unpack the meaning of worship – and you might be happily surprised!

Mercy, Not Sacrifice (audio and pdf)

Jesus’ violent death is widely understood as a sacrifice for humanity. Yet there always have been Christians who do not accept this doctrine, who believe in a nonviolent atonement. How can this be understood as healing and affirmative for Unitarian Universalists? Come hear a healing Easter message of Jesus’ purpose!