Feb. 11th First Hour – Trans Etiquette

Graphic that includes the words: trans etiquette, transitions, questions, change, pronouns, model, respect, deadnaming, outing.

Learn about trans etiquette at our next First Hour on Feb. 11th at 9:00 am. Attend in person or via this Zoom link.

Using Trans Etiquette Training created by a team from the UU Church of Akron, Ohio, we will view brief videos covering a wide range of topics. We will witness a behavior that needs to change and then hear a frank discussion between two trans-activists about what was presented. Lillie Sharp will be moderator.

Unicameral Update:

On Jan. 22nd the Nebraska State Board of Health voted unanimously (11-0) to approve extremist regulations against trans minors. The regulations will require significant waiting periods and costly therapy bills BEFORE a trans person can seek any puberty-blocking or hormone medication.

~ by Faith Connections