Caring Individuals Make a Community

Join us at the June 26th service to meet our special visitor – Ms. Lenora. Ms. Lenora will arrive in her kitty backpack with her best friend, Linda Robb. Ms. Lenora loves being the center of attention and wants to share how caring has been important in her life during Time for All Ages.

Linda practices Pet Therapy at Immanuel Hospital and follows all required protocols for pets and clients.

Ms. Lenora will arrive in her backpack and will remain on her crystal blue lead (of course it matches her backpack) when she is out of the backpack. Ms. Lenora has all her vaccinations and will be wiped down with a lavender scented antibacterial wipe. (This lady loves to look and smell good.) Fortunately, Linda doesn’t have to spring for manicures as Ms. Lenora is declawed.

If for some reason, such as allergies, you can’t join Ms. Lenora in the main chapel there will be a special area to view the service remotely.

As usual, all Covid protocols will be followed and hand sanitizer will be available.

the Caring Committee