UU 101 – Tracing Our Roots Part 3 The Rise & Fall of American Unitarians

For those who were unable to make the June program, Transylvania & England, our special guest lecturer was Stu Burns. He kindly posted his presentation on the church’s facebook page.

If you were unable to attend the first two programs, please feel free to come to this one.

It was suggested that we provide homework. So, for our July program, The Rise & Fall of Unitarianism, we have 2 short videos on Transcendentalism & Humanism to watch before-hand.

6:26 “American Literature Periods-Transcendentalism”

3:08 “What makes something right or wrong? By Stephen Fry, “That’s Humanism”

For those who did not ask for homework, no worries, these are less than 10 minutes & no tests!

You can choose to attend on Tuesday July 13th, 1 pm OR Saturday July 15th, 10 am.

Please register at one of the links below to receive your personal invite to the zoom session.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

UU101 Team – where suggestions are welcomed.

Karen Hux, Anita Jeck and JoAnne Draper