Happy Mother’s Day / Teacher Appreciation Week!! 

In 2020-21 we have been focusing on supporting parents as religious educators at home. It seems fitting, then, that Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation week fall together. Our theme for May is Story and I’d like to invite all combinations of mothers and teachers to stop by the church with your children and create a fairy garden! Fairy gardens are a fun way to create a miniature world and wonderful stories together. If you identify as a mom, grandma, teacher or mother figure, bring your kids (or don’t!) and spend some time creating together. You can create a scene to leave at church or pick up the supplies to take home. (If you’re swinging by anyway, this is a great chance to restock the little free pantry!) Supplies will be available from the evening of Friday, May 7th through the evening of Sunday, May 9th.

~ Ashleigh Fuson