Adult Educational Opportunities

Faith Connections

As noted last week – our small group is working on getting programs for adult faith exploration and education on various topics going for members and friends of 2U. Meanwhile, here are some opportunities we have learned about.


In the matter of “Loving One Another”

A way to focus on race relations, particularly to actively participate as an “antiracist”, you can get involved by focusing on legislation in NE, specifically a bill to build a new prison. There is currently a letter writing campaign and/or you can contact NE lawmakers about this issue.

For more more information and instruction about writing letters, you can go to the ACLU website,


ALSO: Beloved Conversations is a program for Unitarian Universalists seeking to embody racial justice as a spiritual practice. In Beloved Conversations, people gather to heal the impact of racism on our lives, in order to get free together. This program is offered through the Meadville Lombard Theological School in an online format. Registration is open until Feb. 26th and has a fee of $250. When you are ready to register, you may do so directly with Beloved Conversations here. Please note that Christina Strong, DRE at First Unitarian Church of Omaha is organizing support for participation in the program, so you can let her know you are taking the class by emailing her at There may also be some financial support through First UU Omaha if you contact Christina.

~ Pam Curtiss-Smith