Greetings From the Board

These were among the matters the Board addressed in November:
  • The Board and Nominations and Leadership Development committee have met to develop plans for the next phase of the Meaning and Purpose process. Two Town Hall meetings are being scheduled for next month and the team is creating a structure for those meetings. Look for a separate item in the e-news and a special email.
  • The Board liaison will join the next Committee Leadership Council meeting to convey the Board’s response on how Annual Reports should be handled.
  • A draft of the job description for the Technology position has been submitted to the Board for review. Related to the job creation process, Board Chair Sue Aschinger has recommendations for Personnel Committee members, who would be integral to the interview process. Sue is going to contact church members who have been recommended to her, but anyone interested in being on that committee is encouraged to contact Sue or Jaime.
  • A list has been compiled by the Building and Grounds committee on the prioritized repair needs of the church in an effort to anticipate maintenance costs. Two big items have been identified and estimated: Replacing the front entrance deck and ramp, which would be about $19,000 ($4,000 of that includes the $4,000 credited back to us by the contractor after the Board asked him to hold off on rebuilding only the ramp this fall) and repairs to the chimney, $1,825. Other items were identified but not priced. The deck/ramp and chimney items will be taken to FCC to discuss ways to pay and prepare for these repairs/replacements.
  • The Board is close to finalizing a new Board Covenant for this church year. This is a process that occurs every year with the transition of Board members.
The Board’s next meeting is December 16th at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. Any member of the church who is interested in attending a Board meeting should contact one of the members of the Board to receive an emailed Zoom meeting link. This year’s Board is: Sue Aschinger (Chairperson), Ed Bok (Vice Chairperson), Pam Curtiss-Smith, Dorothy Danielson, Pam Miller-Jenkins (Secretary) and Tom Peterson.