After derecho, Iowa UUs need your help – UUA Disaster Relief

~ the Unitarian Universalist Association

One week ago, a rare derecho swept through Iowa. Called “inland hurricanes” by some, these storms bring with them 100+ mph winds and arrive so quickly that people do not have much warning.

According to the UUA Disaster Relief Fund team, people lost their homes or cars to falling trees. For a week, the majority of the city of Cedar Rapids had no electricity, so any groceries that had been refrigerated spoiled and families ran out of food. There are some food distribution efforts in place, but it’s clear that recovery from this storm will take months.

Support from donors like you has made the Disaster Relief Fund possible for the past few years, but we need to raise more money in order to continue making grants.

You can make a donation to the UUA Disaster Relief Fund online and know that your contribution will go to those who truly need it, right now. Make your gift now.

The UUA Disaster Relief Fund is here for UUs and UU congregations when disaster strikes, just like it did last week in Iowa. Grants from the fund are used for purchasing food, building repair, emergency supplies like water and first aid, and much more.

This is a unique way for Unitarian Universalists to give back to each other and support the larger faith community.

It’s part of the culture of connection and mutual support between congregations and individuals that the UUA is glad to facilitate.