Church Parking Lot Remains Under Construction – Here’s Where to Park

The parking lot will continue to be closed this Sunday, Nov. 3rd. Please use the downstairs double doors to enter the church. Remember Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday so turn your clocks back, and please give yourself more time than normal to get to church.

The following Sunday, Nov 10th, the parking lot will be open for business! We will keep you updated.

Where to park in the meantime? Please park on the street or at the nearby strip mall stores. Find some church friends and carpool. Or consider a more active mode of transportation: walking, biking, or ride Omaha Metro’s #15 bus.

Remember, there is no parking on the west side of 119th St., and please “reserve” the east side of 119th St. in the proximity of the church for those who have difficulty walking, have young children, or are carrying stuff into the church.

Workers pouring concrete on the mid-section of the church parking lot

Photo by Clyde Anderson

We appreciate your thoughtful patience as we work through this construction. We are almost there!

~ Your dedicated PIM Team: Clyde Anderson, Tom Peterson, Justin Short, Rev. Cyndi Simpson & JoAnne Draper