2018 Community Garden Plots

The Community Garden committee is inviting applications for the garden plots located north of the church. The plots are the same as previous years: 8 feet by 8 feet, approximately. The expectations for growers are:

  1. The crops are to be grown organically (there is ample amounts of free leaves for mulching to reduce weeding).
  2. There is a $10 fee associated with each plot to reimburse the church for watering and tilling costs.
  3. Growers must be willing to share watering and other gardening responsibilities.
  4. Growers must sign a liability waiver and two gardening agreements to have access to the plots.

There are 14 plots in the garden with a limit of 2 plots per grower. Plots gardened in 2018 have renewal rights over new gardeners. Any plots not assigned to members by March 31st will be made available to the wider community. Send an email to info@2uomaha.org to indicate interest and/or ask questions.

~ Larry K.