The Shared Pulpit – Adult Faith Development Opportunity

Rev. Simpson is offering a unique adult faith development opportunity via the wonderful curriculum – The Shared Pulpit. This is an eight-session class on developing your own sermon. A large part of the curriculum is learning about worship in general, as well as what makes for a good sermon. If you think you might have one sermon in you – or you like to write – this could be the class for you!

Each class is three hours long because each class includes writing and sharing writing that you have done between each class. Because of the writing requirements, the class will not be held every week, but with two or three weeks between each class. The class is also set up to be a rich, spiritual experience – a covenanted small group with time spent in reflection as well as writing and listening.

The class will not be scheduled until folks have expressed interest – the schedule will be set to meet the schedule of those participating. I am hoping to start the class in late April or May. The class is limited to 8 people because of the time needed to be spent in reading, listening and reflecting in each class.

If you are interested, please let Cyndi Simpson know at And if you have questions, please ask Cyndi, as well. Please join us for a deep experience of writing and sharing!