Chalice Lighters Ignite 2UU’s Dreams

On February 26th, we were selected as one of the Chalice Lighters projects to be funded! Our project is to build two Americans with Disability Act (ADA)-compliant and gender-neutral bathrooms on the upper (Sanctuary) level of our congregation’s building. They received 8 applications, and decided to fund 3. They are still anticipating the usual $18,000, so they are hoping to give each grantee at least $6,000.00. If they get more money than $18,000, it will be divided equally among all 3 funded grants.

Here is where you come in: Our grant will be funded in the Spring Call. Right now, the Winter Call is in progress and will be concluded on March 31st. Mark your calendars, for April to contribute to the Spring Call. Here is the website to donate.

Every dollar we get from elsewhere is a dollar we do not need to raise or borrow ourselves! This is an opportunity for the 2U to build its reputation by supporting the Chalice Lighters program.

Hooray for us!!!