Safe & Sacred Space Tonight

Dear Friends,

Blessings on your souls and spirits. I know that many of you are in shock, grieving and frightened. There is much to be concerned about with the results of this election, no matter what your politics are – many unanswered questions and much uncertainty.

Here is what is true:

If you are distressed and shocked, you do not have to be brave today. You do not have to be a hero. You do not have to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You do not have to take steps toward unity or peace. You don’t have to move from grief to any sort of resolution.

You get to be you, you get to feel your feelings and think all your thoughts. Even those of us who share the same overall values about this are going to be in different places at different times, because we react differently: some with rage, some with tears, some with numbness, and some with anger. Or all of these at different times!

Our church will be open tonight beginning at 5:00 p.m. until as long as anyone wishes to stay. I will be holding a safe space for people to share whatever feelings and thoughts they have. We will have silent time, reflection time, and the musical presence of our Music Director, Donna. We might sing if we choose.

We cannot go forward unless we are holding ourselves in a place of compassion. We need to ground ourselves in ourselves and be centered with whatever we are feeling and thinking. Tonight we will not begin to figure out what is next or problem solve or analyze or plan. Tonight is for us to be fully present with ourselves and one another and share – in perfect love and perfect trust – what is happening for us. With no cross-talk and no discussion.

There will be plenty of time for all that we must do….but not tonight. I am here, with you and for you and among you.  Let us gather, all those who wish and need to be in safe and sacred space, together.

With much love,

Reverend Cyndi