March 1 “Poetry & Spirit” Service

Poetry, at its best, reaches beyond and beneath our rational minds and material world into a realm of intuition and insight, of something higher and deeper than the superficial world of everyday reality.  It pierces through stale and tired appearances, conventional thinking and perception, and gives us flashes of the untarnished beauty, tragedy, challenge, and boundless energy at the heart of things.

Make your voice heard at our March 1 Poetry and Spirit Service by submitting either your own poetic composition or one of your favorites by another author.

You may either read your selection aloud or ask that your choice be read for you.  Please choose a seriously-themed shorter piece (less than three minutes of total reading time, including no more than a 30-second introduction — if absolutely necessary) on the general theme of inspiration or truth.  “Poetic” form, meter, and rhyme are optional.

Please send all submissions by Tuesday, February 24, to Michael Lynne to allow us to have copies made and to assure that selections fit individual and overall time and thematic guidelines.  Let us know if you’ll be reading or would like to have us read your submission for you. If you do not have Michael’s contact information, please send your submission to the Church Office at by February 24.