June 7 Service Learning Project

We’re Going to the Dogs at the next Service Learning Project!

Our next Service Learning Project will be on Sunday, June 7, at 10 a.m. at the Nebraska Humane Society. This is the one we had to cancel due to bad weather in February.  Patty Russell, our host, will share some information about the NHS, and then we will get a “Behind The Scenes” tour of their facility. If you’ve been on this before, you know the highlight is their massive washer and dryer! People of all ages are welcome (as always) to join us – Service Learning Projects are a part of our lifespan programming.

If you have any leftover or scrap  fabric, fleece, t-shirts, empty water bottles or socks (especially fun, patterned ones) please bring them. We will be making kitty and doggie toys. They will be so cute the dogs and cats will fight over them like… well, cats and dogs.

Some other things the NHS is always looking for:blankets & towels, 15″ crocheted squares, Boomer Balls & Kongs, cat toys, puppy/kitten formula, soy infant formula, clear rubber maid tubs, peanut butter, exam gloves, distilled water, canned cat food, yarn, box fans, Ziploc freezer bags, fleece toys, gauze rolls, permanent markers, vienna sausages or cheap hot dogs for training and canned cat food. Please bring them or drop them off at the church by May 31.