Our Vote on UUA Study Issues January 26

Second Unitarian Church of Omaha participates in the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Social Witness process.  This process is how our denomination arrives at consensus on articulating our position on major issues.  It’s called the Social Witness process because we, as congregations as well as the national office, call attention to social and economic inequities.

Congregations mark their ballot to place up to five issues on the General Assembly agenda for voting by delegates sent by each congregation.  Delegates select one of the five as the new Study/Action Issue. After three years of congregational study and feedback, the Commission on Social Witness drafts a Statement of Conscience and actions.  The Statement of Conscience is our position on the issue.

Congregations then mark their ballot for whether to place the wording for this Statement of Conscience on the General Assembly agenda.  Delegates vote whether to adopt the Statement of Conscience.

Everyone is invited to hear about the issues and participate in Second Unitarian’s decision on Sunday, January 26 at 12:45 p.m., following a light lunch.

This year there are six issues on the 2014 ballot:

  • Empowerment: Age and Ability Reconsidered
  • Ending the War on Terror
  • Escalating Inequality
  • Gun Violence: A Public Health Issue
  • Renewing and Securing Our American Democracy
  • UU Values and the Pursuit of a Just Peace for Israelis and Palestinians

For the balloting to be valid 25% of congregations must vote, so your attendance is crucial to our participation in this process.