“Full Circle” Dinner

The Endowment Committee is hosting the annual Full Circle dinner this year on Sunday, July 13.  It will be held at Don Mundy’s residence. Full Circle members will enjoy hors d’oeuvres, wine, and other refreshments followed by a sit down dinner.  Invitations will be forthcoming.

Full Circle is our honorary association of those who have remembered Second Unitarian Church of Omaha in their estate planning.  This generous form of planned giving helps lay a foundation for our church’s continued growth, including a collateral fund for capital projects (such as a new building) and expanded programming through interest-bearing investments.

If you don’t yet belong, consider becoming a qualifying member of Full Circle in time for the event.  For more information, contact any Endowment Committee member:  Phil Dudley, Joel Haskins, or Don Mundy. We would love to see you there.