Find Your Inner Leader

Why should you attend a leadership seminar at Second Unitarian Church?

Maybe you’re an established leader at Second Unitarian and want to improve your skills for leading groups. Or maybe you are just embarking on your leadership journey and don’t feel confident of your leadership skills. Or you’re uncertain of your leadership skills and fear that you may be asked, at some distant time in the future, to serve on the board, the Stewardship Committee, or chair some committee within the congregation.

Those of us who were brave enough to say “yes” to an invitation to a leadership role wish we had known a lot more before giving our consent. Being comfortable in a leadership position is learnable by anyone: your comfort level includes knowing how Second Unitarian does its work and gaining confidence in your own leadership skills.

Nominations and Leadership Development Committee invites you, along with other established, new, and emerging leaders, to a “Leadership 101” seminar to be held Friday evening December 5th and Saturday December 6th at the church. (More information on times is forthcoming.)

To participate in the seminar, send your name(s) to

Leadership 101 will be led by a team from the Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence, Kansas, who have developed the curriculum from experience in their own congregation, training at the Midwest Leadership School, and ideas from other leadership schools. The weekend includes connecting with other 2U members, free food, energy recharge breaks, and an exciting, interactive curriculum that has been tested with many UU leaders.

We are so excited to be able to offer this Leadership Seminar at Second Unitarian! The purposes of Leadership 101 are for you to:
• Be connected to other leaders in the congregation,
• Develop transferable leadership skills,
• Build confidence for leadership,
• Identify resources available to increase your leadership capacity, and,
• Become familiar with our congregation’s systems, governance structure, and procedures.

To participate in the seminar, please send us your name(s) to

All meals will be provided, but please let us know if you have food preferences or allergies. Also please let us know your childcare needs (Friday evening, partial or all day Saturday, ages of children, names of children). Register by sending your name(s) and childcare needs to