Project Harmony Blankets Call for More Fleece!

If you are hitting the clearance sales and come across some cheap fleece, please pick up some for our blankets. Each blanket needs two coordinating pieces of fleece about 1.5 yards long.

We made nine blankets for Project Harmony on December 29 and would love to make more at our next Service Learning Project on January 26.

Project Harmony helps to ensure that the systems that are intended to protect children do no further victimization by offering one-time abuse interviews, assessments, and investigations. Our blankets will be provided to the children as they go through everything.

If you helped out at the December 29 project and left your scissors back, please contact Molly Kliment-Jenkins at 402-224-0537 ext. 112 or to get them. Also, if you purchased a little stocking when you bought your fleece, we found that, too!