Omaha Gives!

Wed, May 22, 2019
All Day

Second Unitarian is proud to be participating in Omaha Gives! This year’s 24-hour community-wide charitable challenge, organized by the Omaha Community Foundation, will take place May 22nd from midnight to midnight. We will be joining more than 1,000 local nonprofits to raise money. Help us meet this year’s goal of reaching 50 donors!

What can you do NOW?

Schedule your donation! If you just can’t wait to donate or you have plans for May 22nd, you can schedule your donation NOW!

Spread the word! Anyone can donate to Omaha Gives! In the past, we have received donations from non-members and even donors throughout Nebraska. So tell your friends and family how much 2U means to you and ask them to make a donation.

Ask your employer if they do matching donations. Many businesses in Omaha support Omaha Gives and already have programs in place for matching your donation!

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