Habitat for Humanity – Join us this summer

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha is a grassroots organization that builds and renovates houses, forges community partnerships and breaks down barriers to home ownership. How are these homes built or renovated? Through volunteers like you and me – folks 16 or older who may or may not have construction skills. Additionally, families participating in the program are required to complete up to 350 hours of sweat equity before purchasing their homes through 20 or 30-year affordable mortgages. This Spring our Congregation joined the Faithful Builders Coalition of 13 churches. This year the coalition is building a new house at 13956 Hickory Circle – about a mile from our church!

 Sign Up Sunday to be a Faithful Builder Volunteer!

We will be signing up volunteers to help the Habitat for Humanity Faithful Builders construct a new home at 13956 Hickory Circle. The new T-shirts have arrived for volunteers. They only cost $8 each except $10 for XXL. We received 15 shirts, and it’s not likely we will get more. Sign up Sunday to be a volunteer and buy your shirt. On Saturday, July 28th at 10 a.m., there will be a welcome reception for the future homeowners. Everyone is invited, and refreshments will be served. This is also the first work day at the home site.

To join the 2U Habitat for Humanity team, contact Clyde or Jim at justice@2uomaha.org so you can be added to our registration!