Rev. Frieda Gillespie

21st Century Fathers

We celebrate the ways men have evolved into Dads who are present and engaged with their children.

Letting Go

It’s almost time to say goodbye and perhaps we can do that without terrible sadness but with joy for our time together.

Worlds Apart

Two stories of how people from different worlds changed each others’ lives.

Blessing of the Animals

Animals are a blessing to us and in this service we will offer a blessing to our beloved pets. You may bring your dog, cat, hamster, fish…etc; any pet that won’t suffer from being indoors (or escape) with us for a while. We’ll do our Fellowship refreshments afterwards outside if weather permits so you can linger longer with your animal friend.

White Previlege

White Privilege: what is it? and how can we use it for the good of all instead of simply taking it for granted?

Mother’s Day – When Love Is Not Enough

The joys and trials of parenthood are hard to grasp if you haven’t been a parent. We can uncover some truths that reveal this special world of parents and children, whatever the constellation of the family.

What’s In the Box?

Last August a group of 30+ of you got together for an Identity Workshop that was unique. Let’s revisit the work you did there and reflect on it’s meaning now. I will take this opportunity to fulfill the promise of last year’s silent auction also and make this the “word salad’ sermon.

The Mystery of the Child

Martin Marty writes about the child within us as a kind of archetype.  What does this child represent and what does it give us?

Saving Paradise

What does Easter mean to UU’s? How can we understand the resurrection in terms that are meaningful to our lives?