Rev. Cyndi Simpson

We Are the Church Who…

Today in small groups, supported by story and song, we will consider our own identity as UUs here at Second Unitarian. Expect birds, children and youth, oh my!

OUR Identity? (pdf)

One of our Goals is about our congregation having a “clear and shared identity as UUs.” How is that the same or different as any one of our personal religious identities? And why is a shared identity something worth having?
Includes pdf of sermon.


Last Spring we heard from Rev Florence Caplow, a wildlife biologist, about resilience from her perspective. Today, we hear of resilience again, from Cyndi’s public health viewpoint. It is good news, indeed, about what Intention can accomplish in our lives.

Christmas Eve Service

In a traditional service of Readings and Carols, we will hear again the story of the birth of Jesus. We will reflect on where the hope can be found for Unitarian Universalists in the Jesus story. Our offering will support the Minister’s Discretionary Fund.